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“With excellent design team and excellent production equipment”

The company was established in2007Years,Specializing in the production of office stationery、EVA、Wooden seal、Ink pad、User and so on all kinds of seal materials series。
Warmly welcome merchants to purchase our products。
Lanxi city is located in the middle west,Three rivers converge。330National highway、Gold thousand railway、Hangjinqu expressway running through,Water and land transportation is very convenient,More underground river、Zhuge bagua village、Wong tai sin temple and other famous scenic spot,Is one of the national excellent tourism city。
Lanxi zhongyou stationery factory has seal toys series,Many series,Exported to Europe and the United States,Southeast Asia and other countries。
The factory produced“Zhongyou”Brand series products are mainly five categories:
A、Many series:

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Zhongyou stationery new blockbuster launch
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Remember these little stationery?For us90Later said,Really so cute201aaaa000000022

In the progress of science and technology is more advanced than before a lot of things,For90Later said,We use when he was a stationery impression is very deep。Now it is high-grade stationery,What kind of animated graphics are very beautiful,It looks very nice and automatic pencil case。

The cherry blossom is stationery,Let your hand account also can blossom in spring201aaaa000000012

If you are a flower,This book you will surely grow grass;If you are a color control,You will pull the grass。This book not only has a tsundere sakura appearance level,There is full color pages,And monthly plan、Horizontal page、Grid page、Lattice and blank pages,Especially suitable for beginners typesetting hand account。The price is not less than20Block,Paper super good,High cost performance, so to speak。

“Exposure to age”的3Kinds of stationery,If you used all this,That you are a child“Dad”了201aaaa000000022

Today's students with the stationery is something that is new,Now, after all, time is developing very quickly,But now these stationery says to go up and did not feel very nice,The small make up for it today3Kind of“Exposure to age”Stationery,If you used all this,Almost already was a child“Dad”了。