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Yichun new silk road industrial co., LTD

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Address:Yi chun city state pharmaceutical factory park sunglow yuan road
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Yichun new silk road industrial co., LTD. Was established1996Years,Production base is located in the national excellent tourist city beautiful……Yi chun city in jiangxi province。The company is a set design、Research and development、Production、The sale is a body comprehensive enterprise,With advanced production equipment,Strong technical strength,Has a well-trained production team and perfect management system,New silk road people always professional·The focus of the nylon wheel、Flying wing wheel、Wire drawing wheel polishing material production research and development, etc,Products are widely used in‘Stainless steel’‘Aluminum alloy’‘Furniture’‘Stone’And all kinds of hardware products, such as surface polishing treatment。In the country has the very high popularity in the industry,Products are exported to at home and abroad,And won the general customers the consistent high praise。


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White nylon wheel

Big red nylon wheel

Wire brush plating color wheel

Black nylon wheel

Green nylon wheel

Stone polishing wheel

Rust nylon wheel

Heterotypic hole nylon wheel


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Wear-resisting block is suitable for the stainless steel surface grain nylon wheel
Nylon wheel:    1、With high tenacity polypropylene fiber and selection of ore,The unique formula by special glue and again,Has wear-resisting、Resistance to fight、Grinding force is strong、Uniform line、No residual glue, etc。    2、Don't change the size、And durable、Efficient、Since the sharp(To collect)、High degree of finish。    Nylon wheel USES:    Metal products such as stainless steel knife cut、Tableware、Vacuum cup、Clock and watch fittings、Watchcase strap、Golf clubs、Ball head surface treatment、Metal casting surface deburring、Building hardware、Hinge hinge and lock、Hardware lighting products and accessories、Aluminum bike rack
Drawing material wire drawing wheel surface treatment effect
Drawing material wire drawing wheel is made from high quality raw materials,The cutting force is strong,After processing the surface effect is good;More durable,Suitable for manual operation and automatic production;No noise when grinding,Less dust,According to environment protection。  Wire drawing wheel and stainless steel wire drawing wheel、Flying wing wheel、Microfiber cloth wheel、Page wheel、Sand inclusion nylon wheel, etc。In view of the stainless steel after welding repair,Scratches,Small area drawing,Throw light,And it is concave and convex surface,Cambered surface,Sheet metal,Inside a polished, etc,At the same time apply to metal processing,Wood processing,Stone processing industry,A good tool for drawing processing!  Wire drawing wheel drawing technology characteristics:Grinding the product has the strong
2019To start business|The pig sail new journey
End of the lunar New Year holiday!In this there is permeated with a breath of spring days,We are,The official start of the work!Big NianChuQi,To start business!Thriving,The pig!?In full of opportunities and challenges2019,We are not in the past,Not to hard stop forward,Know when to go,To whole,With confidence,Open new journey!2019,Have you hand in hand,The future is more wonderful!We believe in,Under the joint efforts of all staff,The company partners and friends from all walks of life support for help,We will be able to realize our dream!?End of the lunar New Year holiday!It filled the spring breath
Welcome2019,I wish you all a happy New Year's day
2018In the end,Is brand new2019Years,The entire staff wishes you and yours a most happy New Year!To you in the New Year in good health,All the best!Good luck,Good circle circle,Good dream, sweet。  New Year new hope,When there is a new as in the New Year。2019Years,Will bring better service to you,Wish you healthy again、The work is smooth、Career progress、A happy family!
The global analysis of cylindrical stainless steel polishing machine quality
Present a new global technology innovation accelerate development situation and emerging interdisciplinary fusion,A new discipline,Extending unceasingly to the frontier,Evolution of the universe、Material structure、The origin of life、Basic sciences such as nature of consciousness is or is expected to be a major breakthrough。Quantum computer technology、Information technology、Biotechnology、New material technology、New energy technology widely infiltration,Have taken place in all areas to green、Intelligence、Flood in、Fusion technology revolution characterized,In the traditional sense of the basic research、Application research、The boundary of the technology development and industrialization has become increasingly blurred,Science and technology innovation chain is more flexible,Technology updates and results